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The importance of filter plate to filter press

Mar 15, 2020

As an important part of the filter press, the filter plate is an indispensable part of the equipment and plays a vital role in the equipment. Today we will discuss the impact of filters on the entire filter. First of all, our first point is the filtration area of the equipment.

We all know that the filter area of the filter device is determined by the bearing area of the filter plate and the filter cloth, but it must be connected to the filter plate. On the other hand, the filter plate carries the filter cloth, and the filter plate also determines the filtering area. The filter area of the filter press has a great influence. The filter plate affects the filter area of the equipment, directly affects the filter efficiency of the equipment, and also affects the value of the equipment.

The second is storage space. As we all know, the filter press stores the space of the filter cake in the filter chamber. However, the filter chambers are connected by a plurality of filter plates, and each recessed filter plate is divided together, and the sum between the spaces is between the spaces. Form a spatial equalizer. The equipment is used for storage, and the storage space of the filter cake is limited, which affects the workload of each working cycle of the equipment, thereby affecting the efficiency and working efficiency of the filter press.

The third is the total weight of the equipment. According to statistics, 40% to 60% of the weight of a common filter is the weight of the filter plate. The heavier the natural filter plate, the heavier the total weight of the equipment. Perhaps in the future, when the filter equipment is designed to be very light, the total weight of the equipment will decrease by a value.