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The home pure water machine has the principle and the function?

Jun 28, 2018

The principle and function of pure water machine: using PP cotton, activated carbon and RO membrane, etc., the core of which is the RO membrane, and the RO membrane is the filter core with the highest filtration accuracy.

The water produced is pure water and can be drunk directly.

Advantages and disadvantages of water treatment equipment of pure water machine:

Household reverse osmosis equipment  .jpg

Advantages: the water treatment equipment of pure water machine has high filtration precision, which is suitable for a variety of water quality. The purified water is pure water, with good taste and no impurities.

Disadvantages: water treatment equipment of pure water machine has less water daily and can only solve drinking and cooking.

The former three-stage filter has a short service life, and the filter element needs to be replaced regularly.

It is not suitable for long term drinking water, especially for children and elderly people.