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The high performance of hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane in water treatment

Dec 20, 2017

As one of the most advanced separation technologies in industrial water treatment, the hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane brings many benefits to various aspects, the most typical of which is the catering industry.

Restaurant industry sewage is currently one of the high concentration of pollution sources, the main pollution components exist in the form of colloid, high turbidity, progressively deteriorated water quality and consumption of dissolved oxygen in water, cause serious environmental pollution.


If in the catering industry ultrafiltration water purification equipment using hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane, can effectively filter catering sewage in oil and vegetable oil, not only can intercept oil floating on the surface of the water, but also can prevent the impact of air exchange of oxygen and water interface.

 Intermediate control fiber ultrafiltration membrane   .jpg

In addition to the excellent use effect, the operation of the hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane is very simple and easy to manage, and its processing effect is more than that of other techniques;

The water treated by it can meet the emission standards, and can even be effectively recycled as a green water to improve the utilization of resources.


In addition, compared with other products, hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane has a large amount of water and can effectively treat wastewater.

Even with the ultra-filtration equipment that is easy to clean and replace, it can be adjusted according to the actual situation of the catering industry.


Anyhow, hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane is a high flux and fouling resistance, good quality advantages of filtration products, in addition to food industry, it will also get more extensive application in other water treatment industry, fully embodies the great value.