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The function and operation mode of MBR membrane bioreactor

Dec 16, 2017

MBR membrane bioreactor is a kind of sewage treatment equipment, compared with ordinary equipment its uniqueness lies in combining the highly effective membrane separation technology and biological technology, effectively achieve the purpose of the separation of mud and water production suspended solids and turbidity near zero, good water quality and stability, and can recycle directly, to realize the wastewater reuse.


When the MBR membrane bioreactor works, the efficient interception effect of the membrane can be used to completely keep the nitrifying bacteria in the bioreactor, so that the nitrification reaction can be successfully described.

At the same time, the MBR membrane bioreactor can effectively remove ammonia nitrogen and avoid the loss of sludge.

In addition, it can also intercept large molecules of organic matter that are difficult to degrade and extend its stay in the MBR membrane bioreactor for maximum decomposition.

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In MBR membrane bioreactor, USES a submerged hollow fiber membrane, due to the membrane material is polypropylene, so its mechanical performance is good, strong ability to resist pollution, easy to clean, make whole MBR membrane bioreactor is particularly suitable for wastewater treatment.

And the chemical properties of the equipment are stable and the service life is extended.


The MBR membrane bioreactor of the whole transportation process shall ensure that within the scope of the 5 to 40 , environment temperature can ensure the diaphragm shall not be affected;

In the meantime, it is important to avoid the exposure of the device in the sun to avoid damaging the engineering material on the device.