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The filtering effect and maintenance cost of active carbon filter

Jan 13, 2018

Activated carbon filter when making use of its high efficiency, such equipment can be 24 hours of continuous work, do not need to stop back flush, activated carbon filter operation cost is low, in use process does not require high head, large flow of backwash pump.

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Activated carbon filter maintenance cost is low, in addition to quartz sand filter material in the process of running without any moving parts, low fault rate and maintenance cost, low one-time investment of the whole equipment, when making use of don't need a single pool of coagulation and clarification pool and other facilities, do not need to back flush equipment such as pumps and electric, pneumatic valve, volume is small, one-time investment.


Activated carbon filter with a single filter material and filter material clean and in a timely manner, head loss is small, the total head loss of 0.5 m or less, the water quality requirements: can be subject to long-term concentration of 150 mg/L SS inlet water quality and short-time withstand the concentration of 300 mg/L SS impact and effluent is unchanged.


Activated carbon filter of the effluent water quality is very stable and the filtering effect is good, when the entire device of filter material clean and in a timely manner, to some extent, this will ensure the high quality and stable water effect, no periodic water quality fluctuation phenomenon.

Easy to expand and expand: the unit operation mode adopted can increase or reduce the number of strainer according to the change of the amount of water.


The activated carbon filter covers a small area and has a beautiful appearance: it integrates the traditional three-stage regenerative water treatment process into one, saving about 70-80% of the land.

The appearance is more beautiful and compact.

It is widely used in food, medicine, electronics, chemical industry, industrial wastewater and other industries.