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The effect of adding scale inhibitor in the operation of reverse osmosis equipment

Sep 07, 2020

①Precipitation inhibition function: In the system with scale inhibitor, the ion product value when the anion, cation and anion of the easy-scaling component begin to precipitate is much larger than the critical precipitated ion product value when there is no scale inhibitor.

②Dispersion function: when there is a scale inhibitor, the precipitated particles are harder to agglomerate because the size of the particles is smaller than the particles precipitated when there is no scale inhibitor.

③Lattice deformation effect: The crystals precipitated in the system with scale inhibitors have spherical, polyhedral, and snowflake-like states. It is generally believed that in the process of crystal growth, the scale inhibitor is adsorbed on the crystal growth point so that the growth rate of the surface drops sharply, and the crystal with a different shape is grown.

④Low-limit effect: The dosage of scale inhibitor is much lower than that of scaled components in water, but it can also show scale inhibition effect.