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The difference between the pressure filter press and the plate frame filter press?

Mar 29, 2018

1, the working principle of the box pressure filter plate and frame type filter chamber with a flat filter plate and a hollow box filter, filter cloth is fixed on the plate and frame, which is a major form of filter press, the early main advantage of box pressure filter is replace the filter cloth easily, defect is low efficiency, filtering effect is bad, the filter plate easy bad;

The filter chamber of the chamber pressure filter is composed of two adjacent depressions.


2. Plate and frame filter press is the first machine used in chemical dehydration.

Although plate and frame filter press is commonly intermittent operation, wide infrastructure investment in equipment and filtering ability is low, but since it has big filter driver, high solids content of filter cake, clear filtrate, solid high recovery rate, less regulate drug consumption, is still widely used in small sewage plant.

In short: two kinds of filter oil machine although feel very like, but have different advantages and disadvantages, suggest or according to the filter medium to determine how to choose, from formal enterprise purchase, quality and price comparison.