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The difference between a plate filter press and a chamber filter press

Feb 19, 2021

Plate and frame filter presses and chamber filter presses are two types of filter presses that are widely used. Many users have already consulted the difference between these two devices. In addition to the internal structure and appearance of the device, they are important. The difference is the filter cloth. Tell everyone that the filter cloths of the two filter presses are different in structure and structure.

The filter cloth of the plate and frame filter press is simple to make and can be easily replaced on the plate and frame filter press. The filter cloth of the plate and frame filter press only needs to cut the large filter cloth into a filter cloth larger than the filter plate of the plate filter press, and open two feed separation holes at the required position. Add some fixed strips. This is the filter cloth used for the plate and frame filter press. This is a simple filter cloth.

The filter cloth of the chamber filter press is much more complicated to manufacture. Two filter cloths of the same size are required to open a hole smaller than the inlet flow channel of the chamber filter press. In the middle of the filter plate, use a filter strip of the same material to stitch the filter plate, and then stitch the filter cloths of the first two holes together to filter the filter tube. The holes in the middle of the fabric are connected together. This double-layer sandwich structure is a filter cloth structure suitable for box filter presses.

The filter plate is an important part of the filter press equipment. Like filter cloth, it is easy to wear during use. What is the cause of this phenomenon?

Use the filter plate of the filter press. The composite polyethylene is made of plastic material, and the filter plate can better adapt to various harsh working conditions of the filter press, so that the filter press has a longer service life. There are many reasons for filter press failure, so here are some common problems. The first is that the filter press is damaged, resulting in uneven force on the filter plate. The pressure of the filter press itself will destroy the filter plate. The damage mentioned here is that during the use of the filter press, the filter plate inadvertently causes the pressure of the filter plate, the unevenness or height of the filter plate edge, and the height of the boss or direct wear and deformation of the edge. These damaged filter plates are not easy to see. If such a filter plate with an undamaged shape is used with other filter plates, the device provides a powerful filter plate during the operation of the filter press. The pressure and time are also very long, which will inevitably cause a large number of other filter plates or long-term damage.

Behind is the filter of the filter press. The filter contains hard, heavy solid particles, which may also cause the filter plate of the filter press to be easily damaged. During the filtration process, such hard and bulky solid particles will accumulate in the chamber. When there are more solid particles, various hard particles will pile up, and the filter press will automatically supply filter plates. We all know that the force of squeezing the filter cake is mutual, and the uneven distribution of hard particles in the filter chamber will also make the filter press plate easy to damage.