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The development trend of purified water equipment

Oct 17, 2018

Folding filter

With the imported patented water purification equipment using the filter core system, the ultrafiltration membrane was upgraded from 0.1 micron to 0.01 micron. With the guarantee of filtration accuracy, the instant filtration and drinking water was realized through electrochemical pressure, which can keep the drinking water in the freshest state.

Fold sterilization and antibacterial

The antibacterial properties of copper have long been recognized internationally. European and American countries have used copper water supply pipes for decades, and all drinking water pipes of Beijing Olympic Games water cube are also copper.

In the water dispenser of the whole copper pipe, all components in contact with water are made of copper materials, which can realize the whole process of water storage and water discharge to inhibit bacteria.

Household reverse osmosis equipment .jpg

Folding energy saving and environmental protection

One of the major contradictions of water dispenser technology is that it does not fundamentally solve the problem of heat dissipation and energy consumption.

The newest water dispenser USES vacuum inner bladder to keep warm, only need to warm 3~4 times a day, solved the problem of repeated heating very well.

In addition, "namely hot type" water dispenser takes advantage of copper's excellent thermal conductivity, from start to heat up to give hot water only 6 seconds, not only adapt to the requirements of the industry and consumers to fast requirements, but also make water dispenser reduce electricity consumption.