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The development status of filter press industry

Mar 06, 2021

From the perspective of filter press technology, the filter press completely broke through last year's semi-automatic bottleneck, basically completed all the active filter press conditions, and the initiative is getting higher and higher. In the past, the initiative of the chamber filter press and the weir filter press developed an active pull plate system that is more suitable for the characteristics of today's industrial production. The new type of active pull plate system is more intelligent and stable, and refined the once complex sensors. The system uses increasingly reliable photoelectric sensors, etc. The control program has been improved, and the ability of the filter press to handle emergencies has been strengthened.

From the overall point of view, whether it is from the filter quality of the filter press or the processing capacity, it is still a major development of the machine's own skills. The filter used in the filter press is more detailed and precise.

In the filter press control system, the microcomputer can actively control and actively deal with the new situation of the filter press. The device itself chooses touch screen control technology, which increases the technical content of the filter press itself, improves the energy of the device itself, and makes the control of the filter press more convenient and intuitive.