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The development prospect of MBR film.

Mar 28, 2018

The upgrading of existing urban sewage treatment plants, especially the waterworks which are unable to reach the standard of water quality or the increase of the flow rate, cannot be expanded.

O no drainage network system, such as residential areas, tourist resorts, scenic spots, etc.

O areas or places where sewage is needed for reuse, such as hotels, car wash, passenger aircraft, mobile toilets, etc., fully exert the characteristics of small footprint, compact equipment, automatic control and flexibility.

MBR membrane bioreactor.jpg

O high concentration, toxic and refractory industrial wastewater treatment.

Such as papermaking, sugar, alcohol, leather, synthetic fatty acids and other industries, is a common point source pollution.

The MBR can be used to treat wastewater that is not standard and can be reused.

O landfill leachate treatment and reuse.

O application of small sewage plant (station).

The characteristics of membrane technology are very suitable for treating small-scale wastewater.

The future research focus of MBR is as follows.

O membrane fouling mechanism and prevention and control.

O MBR process flow form and operation condition optimization.

O MBR sludge yield and operating conditions to reduce sludge yield and reduce sludge treatment costs.

The metabolic characteristics of microorganism in the MBR bioreactor and its influence on effluent water quality and sludge activity, so as to determine suitable microbial growth and metabolic conditions.

O MBR process economy research.

Under the conditions of current domestic economic development level, membrane product supply condition and specification design requirements, MBR is used to determine the maximum economic flow of sewage treatment.

O development of a new membrane bioreactor for energy conservation, treatment of special water quality objects, simultaneous denitrification and phosphorus removal, simple operation maintenance, long-term stable operation, etc.