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The development history of Pure Water Treatment

Aug 05, 2020

Pure water, also known as high-purity water, refers to water with extremely high chemical purity. It is mainly used in biology, chemistry and chemical engineering, metallurgy, aerospace, electric power and other fields, but its requirements for water purity are quite high, so the most common applications are electronics, The pharmaceutical industry.

The methods of producing pure water include nanofiltration, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, and ion exchange. Most domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies use ion exchange, reverse osmosis, and ion exchange to produce pure water. The "Chinese Pharmacopoeia" (2000 edition) stipulates: "Pure water is water for medicinal use made by distillation, ion exchange, reverse osmosis or other appropriate methods." It is no longer limited to "distillation". Kind of craft. This change in the pharmacopoeia is a major advance in the history of the development of my country's pharmaceutical water production, and it is in line with the pharmacopoeia of advanced countries in the world. However, nanofiltration has not been widely used in my country's pure water preparation system.

The development history of pure water equipment in my country is only more than 40 years, and the application of its technology in the industrial field has only been more than 10 years, and the application in my country is less than 10 years. Therefore, there is still a lack of professional production and processing of pure water equipment. Most of the pure water equipment manufacturers are small-scale operations and have not formed large-scale supporting production, with a wide range of products and chaotic categories.

At present, there are not many companies specializing in the manufacture, installation, commissioning and after-sales of pure water equipment. Some small processors are interested in the cake of pure water equipment and use all means to win contracts, but it is difficult to comply with the requirements of the pharmacopoeia. The equipment construction cannot pass the follow-up GMP certification. This is something that all customers should pay attention to when choosing pure water equipment. Only by choosing a manufacturer with high qualifications, strong strength and good service can the pure water equipment meet the requirements. The pure water equipment system of Jingderui adopts RO reverse osmosis technology and integrates the technology of steady flow control of Jingderui. It is used in conjunction with pre-pretreatment and uses the principle of reverse osmosis to effectively remove various salts and impurities in the water; the system has water production Stable water quality, easy operation, low operating cost, environmental protection and pollution-free, convenient maintenance and other advantages.

However, as the country's support for the biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical industries increases, pure water equipment will inevitably become a new growth point in the water treatment industry, which will inevitably drive the continuous improvement of water treatment equipment to the process of standardization and large-scale development. .