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The beginning and development of high ammonia nitrogen wastewater treatment technology

Mar 14, 2019

Since the 1960s, the eutrophication of water quality has become a prominent problem worldwide.

In the 1980 s after water of nitrogen and phosphorus pollution is his serious, especially the from coking, chemical fertilizer, petrochemical, chemical, metallurgy, food,

Coal chemical wastewater reuse equipment

Aquaculture and other industries as well as the high concentration of ammonia nitrogen wastewater, landfill leachate emissions is big, complicated composition, toxicity is strong,

Great damage to the environment, the processing difficulty is very big,

Again make ammonia nitrogen wastewater pollution and has had the world attaches great importance in the field of environmental protection.

On the concept of sustainable development, in terms of high concentration of ammonia nitrogen wastewater treatment.

Not only to the pursuit of high efficient nitrogen environmental governance objectives, but also the pursuit of energy conservation and consumption reduction, to avoid the secondary pollution,

Sufficient nitrogen recycling valuable resources such as a higher level of environment economic efficiency goals