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The advantages and disadvantages of softening water equipment

Oct 20, 2017

Most of the supply water of domestic boilers and air-conditioning facilities has been treated by the artificial sodium ion exchange method. Because of its low investment, simple, adaptable, almost long-term occupation of the boiler water treatment of this territory. However, due to the process and man-made factors such as interference, so that it can not get rid of its inherent congenital defects.

Regeneration System multiplication-regeneration system salt solution preparation and transportation, should have enough dissolved brine, need precipitation, filtration, salt liquid pump, pipe and the corresponding anti-corrosion measures; The power of power supply facilities is high; most need to build separate water treatment rooms. The investment in ancillary facilities is much greater than the water treatment device itself. Operation management is relatively complicated, the cost of water production is relatively high.

System Valves-Each Exchange tank in the system must be configured with seven valves without exception. At least one time for each run cycle; 28. And regardless of the operation of the norms and errors, single connection points of running, taking, dripping, leakage on the resulting labor consumption, water consumption, power consumption, salt consumption and maintenance costs are very high and the equipment operation endpoint by artificial detection and judgment.