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Technical introduction of ultrafiltration membrane

Nov 19, 2019

As the development of water treatment technology in China has become more and more developed, the filtration function of ultrafiltration membrane has also been greatly improved. to date. Ultrafiltration membranes can be used in virtually every industry involving filtration equipment and processes.

Ultrafiltration membrane application industry

In almost all industries in China, water treatment is involved, such as separation of bacteria, heat sources, colloids, suspension magazines and macromolecular organics in industrial water; terminal treatment of pure water and ultrapure water in drinking water; The water is used for separating drinking water, mineral water purification, etc. It can also be used for concentration, purification and clarification of fermentation, enzyme preparation industry, pharmaceutical industry; juice concentration and separation; soybean, dairy, sugar industry, alcohol, tea juice, Separation, concentration and clarification of vinegar, etc.; purification and recovery of industrial wastewater and domestic sewage; recycling of electrophoretic paint. It can be seen that the ultrafiltration membrane has a wide range of functions.

Analysis of the principle of GE4040 ultrafiltration membrane

Ultrafiltration is an ultrafiltration membrane with a pore size of 1 to 20 nm to filter a solution containing macromolecules or fine particles, and the process of separating macromolecules or fine particles from a solution is called ultrafiltration. It uses the pressure difference on both sides of the membrane as the driving force, and uses the ultrafiltration membrane as the filter medium to make the small molecule solute and solvent pass through the ultrafiltration membrane with a certain pore diameter under a certain pressure, so that the macromolecular solute cannot pass through. It is left on one side of the membrane to achieve the purpose of purifying, separating, and concentrating the solution. Mainly used for shutting off polymer solute. For example, it is used to treat a liquid solution containing no solid component, in which a solute and moisture having a relatively small molecular mass are transmitted through the membrane, and a solute having a relatively large molecular mass is blocked.

With the development of membrane technology and production scale, the performance of ge ultrafiltration RO membrane is more stable, and the cost of paper membrane is greatly reduced. At present, ultrafiltration membrane is used in drinking water purification, industrial water treatment, beverage, biological, food, medicine, environmental protection. Many aspects have been widely used, and have won unanimous praise from the industry.