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System composition of reverse osmosis equipment

Jan 20, 2020

Reverse osmosis equipment is to pass the raw water through a fine filter, granular activated carbon filter, compressed activated carbon filter, etc., and then pressurized by a pump, using a pore size of 1 / 10000μm (equivalent to 1/6000 of the size of E. coli, 1 of the virus) / 300) reverse osmosis membrane (RO membrane), which turns higher concentration water into low concentration water, and at the same time isolates all industrial impurities, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses and other impurities mixed into the water, so as to achieve the physical and chemical drinking regulations Indicators and hygienic standards, the output of pure to pure water is the choice for the human body to add high-quality water in a timely manner. Because the purity of water produced by RO reverse osmosis technology is higher than all water-making technologies currently controlled by humans, the cleanliness is almost Achieve 100%, so people call this water production machine as reverse osmosis pure water machine.