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Standards for wastewater treatment

Dec 24, 2019

The role of the wastewater treatment station is to treat production and domestic wastewater to meet prescribed discharge standards, and it is an important facility to protect the environment. wastewater treatment stations produced by industry are already common, and there are few wastewater treatment stations in villages and towns, but they will gradually increase in the future. For these wastewater treatment stations to truly function, they also need to rely on strict discharge systems, organization and management systems to ensure.

Villages with conditions should build a wastewater treatment station in either the village or the single village. And should meet the following requirements:

① When the rain and wastewater are diverted, the wastewater is sent to a wastewater treatment station for treatment;

② When the rain and wastewater merge, the merged wastewater is sent to a wastewater treatment station for treatment; in front of the wastewater treatment station, a interception well should be set up to exclude the merged wastewater in the rainy season;

③ The wastewater treatment station can adopt biochemical treatment technologies such as artificial wetlands, biological filters or stable ponds, or other treatment technologies with engineering examples or mature experience according to local conditions.