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Solutions to blockage of reverse osmosis membrane in pure water equipment

Nov 21, 2020

1. In the reverse osmosis desalination system of pure water equipment, the selective permeability of the membrane allows water molecules to continuously penetrate the membrane from the high-pressure side, while the solute molecules are still in the original solution. The phenomenon of concentration difference is called concentration polarization. Increase the osmotic pressure of the material liquid and reduce the driving force, resulting in a decrease in water permeability and desalination rate;

2. The structure of the inorganic salt is analyzed to stay on the membrane surface and in the water channel to form scale due to the concentration exceeding the solubility product;

3. The output of adsorptive pollution drops and the pressure difference rises;

4. For the reverse osmosis system of the pure water equipment, due to the unreasonable design, there is a large amount of air in the membrane shell filled with the membrane because the air is compressible and cannot be exhausted instantly; when it is under pressure, it will burst and release suddenly. Cause the impact to produce "water hammer" phenomenon and cause component damage;

5. Rinse often and also clean. Do not allow the membrane to be contaminated; the hydrolysis of the membrane, the corrosion of organic solvents and oxidizing substances will also cause the nature of the membrane material to change.