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Similarities between filter press and water purifier

Feb 13, 2021

When you see this topic, you must feel a bit outrageous. What is the connection between the filter press and the water purifier? The chamber filter press is an industrial equipment used for solid-liquid separation in industry, while the water purifier is only used for the purification of domestic water. How can there be a connection between the two seemingly different equipment?

In fact, they do have a great connection, but their respective focuses are different. Here are some similarities between them:

First of all, they can intercept impurities in the water. Filter presses and water purifiers can only allow pure water to pass through the interception medium of the equipment and flow out of the equipment. The difference between them is that the filter press has a much larger filtering range and processing capacity. , And the water purifier can only filter and purify a small amount, and in terms of filtration precision, the accuracy of the water purifier is much higher than that of the filter press, and the purpose of filtration between them is different. The purpose of filtration is to separate solids and liquids, so as to apply them separately; and the purpose of filtration of water purifiers is to make the water cleaner and do everything possible to achieve it.

Second, it uses the basic physical principles of media filtering. Although the chamber filter press and the water purifier use different substances or materials in the specific filter media, the filter press uses the filter cloth as the medium, and the water purifier uses activated carbon or a high-precision diaphragm as the filter Medium, the role of these mediums in the equipment is to intercept other substances in the water and only allow water molecules to pass through. Therefore, both the filter press and the water purifier use media as a separator to filter the water, so the basic working principles are the same.

Third, they all use diaphragm technology. Everyone knows that there is a diaphragm filter press in the filter press, and the water purifier also uses an RO reverse osmosis membrane. Although the two types of diaphragms are different in material, they still belong to the diaphragm technology.