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Selection instructions for softened water deaeration equipment

Aug 11, 2020

Notes on the selection of softened water deaeration equipment: The control steps are mainly considered when selecting the redox resin deaeration equipment. Due to the difference in the actual process or the need for control, the process is determined according to the water condition. There are single tank system and double tank system. The tank has one use and one backup or alternate regeneration of water supply at the same time. The control has manual control and automatic control. There may be some additional processes in this process and control. Chemical deoxygenation includes steel scrap deoxygenation and reactant deoxygenation. One method has low deoxygenation efficiency, while the latter method has many factors that affect the deoxygenation effect, and temperature is one of the main factors. The best deoxygenation temperature should be above 80℃, and in the process of treatment, it is in the water supply. Introduce impurities.

A deoxygenation equipment for softened water contains a raw water pipeline, a water flow meter, a positive bed, a negative bed, a water injector, a solution tank, a salt tank and a valve, etc.; the raw water pipeline is connected to the bottom of the positive bed through a water flow meter; The top of the bed is connected to one end of the ultrafiltration membrane catalytic device through a pipeline, the other end of the catalytic device is connected to the top of the anion bed through a pipeline, the bottom of the anion bed is connected to a softening and deoxidizing water tank through a pipeline, and the water tank is connected to a pump. The salt tank of the device It is connected to the water ejector through a valve. One side of the water ejector is connected to the top of the cation bed through a pipe and valve, and the other side is connected to a softening and deaeration water tank, which softens the catalyst in the ultrafiltration membrane catalytic device of the deaeration water treatment unit It is cobalt chloride or copper sulfate.