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Reverse osmosis total ion exchange and common problems?

Sep 30, 2018

1. As the most advanced desalination technology, RO is used to remove salt from water with a desalination rate of over 97%.

The process is light in work and minimal in maintenance. RO is operated automatically with less personnel allocation and convenient in operation and management.

Since the 1970s, IEX has been widely used in the desalination process. It relies on IEX chemical exchange to remove salt from water.

The operation quantity of the process is more than the maintenance quantity, and the personnel allocation is more. From the current application of the boiler desalination process system, IEX is gradually replaced by RO process.

reverse osmosis equipment .jpg

2, environmental RO is powered by electricity without alkali regeneration, if for IEX work cycle for 1 day, all of them, and then USES the RO 97% of salt removal from raw water, in use IEX to take 3% of the salt, will make the IEX work cycle extended to more than 30 days long, greatly reduce the emissions of acid and alkali regeneration of waste liquid, reduces the impact on the environment, greatly reduce the financial burden on the acid and alkali waste water treatment.

In addition to salinization exchange, the whole IEX needs acid and alkali regeneration, which has a large regeneration frequency and a large amount of acid and alkali, and has a great influence on the surrounding water and atmospheric environment