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reverse osmosis system

May 12, 2018

The reverse osmosis water treatment system is specially designed for drinking water filtration system, which can meet the national standard after treatment. It is the ideal equipment for beverage water plant.

It includes silica sand, activated carbon filter, water softener, precision filter, reverse osmosis, ultraviolet sterilizer, ozone sterilizer, etc.

reverse osmosis equipment .jpg

Flow diagram: raw water tank -- raw water pump -- sand filter -- carbon filter -- sodium ion exchanger -- feed filter -- reverse osmosis -- uv sterilizer -- mixing tower -- finished water tank introduction:

Quartz sand filter can remove the suspended solids in the water and gluten particles, thus reduce the turbidity of water activated carbon filter can remove pihgment, smell and a large number of organisms in the water of sodium ion exchanger can remove the calcium and magnesium ions in the water, demineralized water precision filter can ensure water into the reverse osmosis membrane particle size is less than 0.1 um ro reverse osmosis

The device is a kind of equipment which USES semi-permeable membrane pressure difference to purify brine, it is called reverse osmosis, because it is opposite to the natural infiltration direction, different materials have different osmotic pressure.

Reverse osmosis can remove 97% of soluble salts and 99% glues, microbe, particles and organic material, become a modern water purifying water, high pure water and space (upw) the best choice for equipment in the project.

Is the most prominent feature of low energy consumption, no pollution, simple techniquie, water and convenient operation and maintenance of high quality uv sterilizer it use ultraviolet light to kill some bacteria can also through the reverse osmosis system of ozone disinfector some bacteria may not be ultraviolet ray, ozone sterilizer used to kill the bacteria according to the customer's water analysis report and the final water standard requirements, we will suggest the customer to choose

Suitable water treatment equipment.