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Reverse osmosis full ion exchange and frequently asked questions

Oct 20, 2017

1, social benefits ro is today's most advanced desalination technology, using RO water desalination, salt removal rate in more than 97%. The process workload is light, the maintenance quantity is very small, RO implements the automatic operation, the personnel disposition is few, the operation management is convenient. IEX is a widely used desalination process since the 70 's, it is the IEX chemical exchange to complete the water desalination. The process of the operation of more than a large number of maintenance, more personnel configuration, from the current boiler desalination Process System application, IEX gradually by the RO process replaced.

2, environmental benefits ro is electric power, no need for acid and alkali regeneration, if all for the IEX working cycle is 1 days, then the use of RO removal of the original water 97% salt, in the use of IEX to take 3% of the salt, will make the IEX working cycle to longer than 30 days, greatly reducing the amount of acid and alkali recycling waste liquid emissions, Reduce the impact on the environment, greatly reducing the acid and alkali emissions of wastewater treatment burden. All IEX except salt chemical Exchange requires acid and alkali regeneration, the regeneration frequency is big, the acid and alkali dosage is big, and it has a great influence on the surrounding water and atmosphere environment.

3, economic benefits of water cost reduction, usually the cost of about 2.5 yuan/ton (including raw water costs tentative 1.0 yuan/ton of water, as well as wage discounts, etc.), the investment in the process of about two years from the cost of saving acid and alkali recovery, the emergency benefit is very significant.