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Reverse osmosis equipment installation process

Jan 24, 2020

1. Place the reverse osmosis pure water host and pre-processor close to the water source and power supply.

2. Install filter materials such as quartz sand, activated carbon and softened resin.

3. Water connection: the inlet of the original water pump is connected to the water source, the outlet of the pre-filter is connected to the inlet of the host, and the pre-processor and the drain of the host are connected to the sewer by pipeline.

4. Circuit: First, connect the grounding wire to the ground reliably, and connect the power cord provided with the machine to the electric control box of the room.

5. Enter the water source and power supply, and follow the steps in accordance with the requirements of the "Pre-treatment Operation Instructions".

6. Using this machine, switch the original water pump to the automatic position, and turn off the stop switch. Connect the water source and power supply, and when the pressure of the multi-stage pump port reaches the set value of the pressure controller, the multi-stage pump starts to work. After the multi-stage pump is started, adjust the system pressure to 1.0-1.2Mpa. The RO membrane system should be manually rinsed for 30 minutes for the first start.