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Reverse osmosis equipment

Nov 18, 2017

Reverse osmosis RO for short, is 60 s developed a kind of membrane separation technology, its principle is under the action of raw water at high pressure through the reverse osmosis membrane, the water in the solvent from low concentration to high concentration diffusion so as to achieve the purpose of the separation, purification, concentration, due to the penetration in the opposite direction it in nature, and calls it a reverse osmosis.

Reverse osmosis can remove bacteria, viruses, colloids, organics and more than 98% of dissolved salts in water.

This method is characterized by low operating cost, simple operation, high degree of automation and stable water quality.

Compared with other traditional water treatment methods, it has obvious advantage and is widely used in water treatment industry.

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Pure water equipment according to user requirements, can be added EDI, primary, secondary or research and development of medium and small RO pure water and RO - EDI highly purified water equipment, is to integrate the international quality products and the perfect combination of the current situation of the water quality in China, suitable for a variety of fields.

Characteristics of RO pure water equipment and equipment

High effect single-stage/double-stage reverse osmosis design to produce pure water that meets the requirements;

Replace distillation, ion exchange equipment;

Minimum water and electricity consumption;

Advanced single switch, single pump, separation pressure design;

Small floor area, easy to operate;

Three types of automatic work: programmable control, flow control, liquid level control, and set the emergency situation button;

Four types of protection against major accidents;

It is easy to use, safe and efficient to clean desalting system;

Easy to install, easy to operate, easy to maintain