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Reasons for odor in pure water equipment

Apr 21, 2020

Sixty percent of the human body is composed of water. In recent years, with the improvement of modern people's health awareness, the utilization rate of pure water equipment has become higher and higher. Many people have begun to learn how to develop the habit of drinking water. However, many people still encounter various problems when using it. So today, let's analyze the main reasons for the smell of pure water equipment.

1. There are bacteria breeding in the purified water equipment.

Long-term use of non-sterile sterilization cleaning, or long-term unused, bacteria in purified water equipment multiply, water will naturally produce odor. Especially in summer, the higher the temperature, the faster the bacteria will multiply.

2. Activated carbon has expired

Activated carbon filter is the main system that absorbs the odor of raw water, so once activated carbon fails, there will be odor, so we need to periodically rinse and replace the activated carbon filter.