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Reasons for emulsification of hydraulic oil in filter press

Mar 12, 2021

When the filter press equipment is used for a long time, it is more or less encountered that after the hydraulic oil has been used for a period of time, the hydraulic oil seems to contain more impurities, or the hydraulic oil becomes white without adhesion, etc. This is the result of hydraulic oil emulsification.

According to our long-term understanding of hydraulic oil and some related tests. The emulsification of hydraulic oil is the initial hydraulic oil containing a large amount of water molecules, and the resulting hydraulic oil is emulsified.

In the daily work of the filter press, the hydraulic oil usually has several conditions to make the hydraulic oil enter the water. One is that the filter press is used outdoors for a long time, with alternating hot and cold or frequent rain. In the process of adding the hydraulic oil flow path of important components such as pipelines, hydraulic chambers, and oil pump stations, insufficient maintenance causes the seal to slowly age, which may cause a small amount of water to enter the oil pump station. When water molecules enter the oil pump station and contact the hydraulic oil, Water is suspended in a large amount of hydraulic oil in time. As long as the motor in the oil pump station is convulsed, the hydraulic chamber is under great pressure. When the pressure is high, the water mass rapidly decomposes into water molecules and is evenly dispersed around the hydraulic oil molecules. After a period of oxidation and deterioration, the hydraulic oil slowly turns white, and the mixture cannot maintain its original volume. In a stressful environment, the gap between molecules is greater.

When the oil pump draws out such a hydraulic oil chamber and presses the piston, the force between the objects is mutual, so the piston will exert the same force as the hydraulic oil, and then the pressure filter hydraulic oil will slowly change and reduce the pressure on the filter press pressure. This is why the hydraulic oil after water supply can only provide small pressure to the filter press. In the long-term use of filter press equipment, more or less will encounter hydraulic oil after a period of time, the hydraulic oil seems to contain more impurities, or the hydraulic oil turns white, no adhesion, etc., which is the result of emulsification hydraulic oil.