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Questions about our reverse osmosis system?

May 06, 2018

 No.1 what about the anti-laundry system?

In our machine, we have a backwash system, the valve in the filter controls the flow direction, to filter the filter or to wash the process.

 No.2 Where is the pump?

The original pump and the southern brand of China need water flow, usually using SUS304 materials.

If there is a special pump brand, please let us know.

No.3, what is the blockage?

Before the water enters the tank, there is a water dispenser before it leaves the tank to stop the large particles.

Avoid blockages.

No.4, what about the middle installation and valve?

Pipes and valves are stainless steel, SUS304.

No.5 Fifth, what about drainage?

It is suitable for quartz sand filter, active carbon filter, sodium filter, precision filter core and reverse osmosis device.

No. 6 RO equipment film brand?


No.7 How long does it take to change the RO ultrafiltration membrane and the precision filter?

Every three to six months the precise membrane is replaced.

For the RO membrane, it is determined by the original water analysis, such as TDS is 0-300,2-year change.

If TDS exceeds 500, it will change once a year.