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Prospects for the development of ultrafiltration membranes

Nov 18, 2019

In foreign countries, ultrafiltration is mainly used in drinking water treatment, while in China, it is mainly used for wastewater reuse in industrial fields as a pretreatment for reverse osmosis. In the domestic water industry market, ultrafiltration technology has been widely used in the field of industrial wastewater treatment such as electricity, steel, and chemical industry.

With the economic and social development, large-scale wastewater treatment projects will be more and more, opening up a broad market space for ultrafiltration membrane technology. In foreign countries, there are already many waterworks that use ultrafiltration technology to produce tap water. In China, due to funding issues, it has not been applied. However, with the revision of national and local drinking water standards and the introduction of new specifications, ultrafiltration technology will certainly be adopted by more and more water plants. According to the analysis of China's water supply and demand in the 21st century by the Ministry of Water Resources, China will begin to enter a severe water shortage period after 2010, and water pollution has gradually become the biggest obstacle to China's urban safe water supply. Urban domestic sewage treatment and reuse of water will become one of the effective ways to solve the future urban water crisis. Therefore, ultrafiltration membranes will have a broad market space in the future municipal wastewater treatment market