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Product features of pure water equipment

Nov 30, 2020

1. The quality of produced water meets customer water standards;

2. Adopt PLC LCD touch screen centralized control, which can realize fully automatic control. Through the liquid level interlock, the equipment will automatically start and stop to realize unattended operation;

3. It has the functions of automatic water production, automatic flushing on/off, automatic shutdown of raw water shortage/full water tank, high and low pressure alarm, overheat protection, etc.;

4. Multi-function monitoring realizes the online display of pressure, flow, conductivity and other parameters;

5. Intelligent balance system to ensure the safety and stability of equipment operation;

6. The pretreatment has an automatic flushing function, which simplifies the operation and prolongs the service life of the equipment;

7. The design of the actuator adopts standardized, universal and systematic parts, which is convenient for disassembly, replacement and cleaning of parts;

8. The integrated structure of the reverse osmosis host has a small footprint and effectively saves space;

9. The system has low energy consumption and effectively saves energy;

10. Consumables have a long life and low water production costs;

11. The system runs reliably, the water supply pipeline is closed, and the effluent quality is stable.