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Process flow of Marine sewage equipment

Aug 24, 2018

The membrane separation process of the advanced membrane bioreactor method takes the place of the traditional biological treatment, gravity settling process, thus ,make the effect better, the effluent is more stable, can be reused directly.
Simple technological process. The membrane bio-react tank displaces the traditional contact oxidation tank, sedimentation tank, middle tank. The process is easy to control. The membrane bioreactor adopts the integrated design, it has a compact structure, small floor occupation and high automaticity.

Mobile reverse osmosis equipment  .jpg

Hardly need sludge discharge. Because the device can work with the sludge concentration above 10g/l, COD can be thoroughly biodegraded in the MBR tank which is with high sludge concentration. Therefore, there is little excess sludge.
The machine can realize automatic intermittent operation. The system pumps and valves can start and open as the designed procedure automatically. It is equipped with automatic level control, membrane pollution control and failure warning control for easy observation.
The device is suitable for residential district, multifunctional building, hotels, restaurants, apartment, bath center, etc, esp. the domestic sewage. The water being treated can be reused as flushing water, greening water, landscape water and undrinkable water