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Problems in boiler water treatment of industrial pure water equipment (2)

Nov 06, 2020

1. Problems with boiler water treatment equipment:

If the water quality of the water treatment equipment used in the treatment of boiler water is not good, and the efficiency of the water output is not high, it will often accelerate the scaling and corrosion of the boiler. The main reason is that improper use of the resin causes it to be destroyed and eventually oxidized; or the inner wall of the iron boiler is not treated in a timely and appropriate manner, causing the resin to produce iron ZD; or the river water is not filtered before being used as boiler water. The resin is blocked by sludge and cannot perform its normal function.

2. Unqualified water quality test management:

Relevant units did not formulate strict rules and regulations for the boilers used, and did not specify some conventional indicators, such as boiler feed water and boiler steam.

3. Improper handling of boiler blowdown:

The current boiler blowdown treatment process often has two problems: on the one hand, boiler workers do not perform blowdown treatment on the boiler in order to reduce heat loss during blowdown; on the other hand, boiler blowdown personnel pay too much attention to the quality of the boiler. Excessive sewage discharge results in serious heat loss.