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Pressure filter operation safety need to know.

Mar 27, 2018

1. Site operators must have the basic flow and routine maintenance methods of the filter press to avoid misoperation to the equipment and production as well as their own dangers.

2. Please turn off the power and remove the power after the work is finished and when there is a failure, so as to ensure safety and easy maintenance.

3. Do not remove the hydraulic system and electrical system.

The hydraulic system stores high pressure liquid hazard, the electrical system has high voltage, please do not disassemble.


4. Do not adjust the factory parameters of the sensor position and instrument without authorization, so as to avoid damage to the equipment.

5. Pay attention to the transmission parts of the filter press, and do not contact the transmission parts on the equipment directly to avoid the injury.

6. In the special operating environment, the operator should wear the appropriate protective equipment.

Use safety 1, check the tank level frequently, and the sealing of various valve parts and oil circuit joints.

2. The hydraulic oil is used in HM46 or HM68, and it must be kept clean.

When the new machine runs for the first time, it is necessary to replace the hydraulic oil. When the oil is changed, the oil tank and the hydraulic oil used in the tank should be cleaned and the tank cleaned.

Continue to use a month after replacement, the next six months replacement, this can ensure the normal use of the filter press.

3. Keep the running record, record the operation status of the equipment, record the problems occurred, and repair the fault in time, and prevent the fault operation.

4. If the filter is not applicable for a long time, the filter plate should be cleaned and discharged on the rack of the filter press, with 1 to 5MPa pressure.

The cloth is washed and dried.

The exposed part of the piston rod and the integrated block should be coated with butter.

5. The residue should be removed during the shutdown to keep the filter press clean;

Remove the debris on the slide way of the trolley and ensure the smoothness of the drawing board.

6. Pay attention to whether the parts are loose and should be fastened at any time.

7. The relative moving parts must be kept in good lubrication and clean, and the lubricant should be added in time.

8. The electrical control system shall conduct an experiment of insulation performance test and the reliability test of the operation once a month, and the components should be repaired or replaced in time if the action is not flexible or accurate.