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Points for attention when installing purified water equipment

Nov 08, 2018

 1. The installation location can be selected in the garage, outdoor equipment room and other areas;

2. Before installing the water treatment equipment, the corresponding space, inlet and outlet pipe connection, sewage pipe, and single-phase three-wire five-eye socket with a voltage of 220 volts should be reserved.

The specific size shall be subject to the floor after decoration.

3. Reserve one inch or 3/4 of the outer wire interface at the inlet and outlet ports, with a median wheelbase of 10-15cm, and set their vertical distance to the ground according to the equipment size;

4. If water treatment equipment needs to be installed outdoors, it should be equipped with measures such as sun protection and anti-freezing.

The size of the space required for the installation of the equipment is: 50mm space for the front and rear of the equipment, and 100mm space for the top.

reverse osmosis equipment

5. Do not place the water treatment equipment near the heat source.

6. The water treatment equipment will be attached with a blowdown hose to connect the reserved drain pipe. The height of the reserved drain pipe should reach 40cm, and its position should be as close to the wall as possible.

If the equipment is placed outdoors, sewage can be discharged directly into the sewage channel;

7. Power sockets shall be installed above the water treatment equipment, and the distance from the equipment shall be within one meter.

8. For the ambry type equipment, the installation size of water treatment equipment must be considered when the cabinet is decorated, and the corresponding space should be reserved for it;

9. If the water supply pressure is less than 2kg, the booster pump shall be installed at the rear end of the water meter and the front end of the equipment.

Above is the attention of the installation of pure water equipment, hope to help you.