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Physical cleaning method of ultrafiltration membrane

Feb 29, 2020

Isobaric hydraulic flushing method: It is one of the effective methods for the hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane isobaric flushing method. The specific method is to close the ultrafiltrate outlet valve and fully open the concentrated water outlet valve. At this time, the pressure on the inside and outside of the ultrafiltration membrane gradually becomes equal. Due to the pressure difference, the fouling adhered to the membrane surface is loosened, and the surface is washed by the increased flow rate. , Which is effective for removing a large amount of soft impurities on the surface of the film.

Protection method: Unused ultrafiltration membranes should be immersed in a protective solution, and then sealed and stored to prevent the membrane from dehydration and shrinkage after immersion, breaking the membrane structure, and then leading to a decline in water flow. If the ultrafiltration membrane has not been used for a long time (more than 10 days), first perform sterilization and backwashing on the ultrafiltration membrane, and then inject the protective liquid into the ultrafiltration and seal it.