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Pharmaceutical pure water equipment maintenance manufacturers quality assurance!

Dec 19, 2018

Foreign automatic water softener from the early 1990s, China introduced the United States automatic sodium ion exchange softener, it is through a fully automatic controller (also known as the multi-way valve automatic control head), to achieve reverse washing, regeneration, replacement, cleaning and water injection process.

Because it will not use salt pump fluid of salt to the water softener regeneration, but in the inside of the controller main stream, rely on water jet formation of negative pressure absorbing liquid salt box in the salt solution, was carried out on the water softener regeneration, the salt bath after the absorption, and the salt solution in the same amount of water injection and sucked out salt solution, so after cleaning, there is a water injection process.

reverse osmosis equipment

The advantages of foreign automatic softener * are: easy installation, only the multi-way valve automatic control head installed in the upper part of the softener tank, and then connected into and out of the water pipe, and the drainage pipe access to the drainage channel, that is, put into use, the operation of equipment without a special person on duty operation, on time or flow, when the automatic regeneration process.

However, the automatic water softener, if the operation time is interrupted or after power failure, or due to the change of outflow flow rate and the change of raw water quality, will make it difficult to set the end point of the softening process accurately, so the regeneration cycle becomes inaccurate, either premature regeneration or delayed regeneration.

This technique is a traditional processing technique.

This is the removal of calcium and magnesium ions from water by means of a water softener containing a sodium ion exchange resin.

In the past, many valves were operated manually to complete the backwash, regeneration, replacement and cleaning process. The water softener of this operation mode, commonly known as manual water softener, is still in use today.

Reverse osmosis pure water equipment design, the first to consider the water quality, hardness is a major index, it is an important condition to determine the life of pure water equipment.

What kind of treatment technology should be adopted for hardness should be selected according to the inlet hardness and the size of pure water equipment and the use of pure water.

Several treatment techniques of water hardness are discussed.