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Pharmaceutical pure water equipment maintenance manufacturers quality assurance!

Dec 22, 2018

The blue sky water treatment is many years old enterprise, has many patents.

Provide water treatment equipment, pure water equipment, water purification equipment, direct drinking water equipment, desalination equipment, soft water equipment, reverse osmosis equipment.

Is engaged in a variety of water treatment equipment and air purification equipment research and development, production, sales and service of professional manufacturers.

In order to ensure the quality of water, only early regeneration can be used, and not delayed regeneration, this "rich" regeneration mode, greatly increased the regeneration salt consumption, automatic water softness downstream regeneration, salt consumption up to 180g/mol hardness, countercurrent regeneration salt consumption can be reduced to 120g/mol hardness.

reverse osmosis equipment

Some domestic manufacturers, in order to promote products, a large number of foreign publicity of automatic softwater, low salt consumption, do not need human management, this is misleading.

Actually foreign automatic softener also needs to have personnel management, for example, need artificial add salt into the salt tank regularly, sometimes power outages, also need to switch to manual multi-way valve control head for regeneration of each process, and adjust the controller to the current time, or will be adjusted accordingly regeneration time set so as to ensure constant regeneration cycle.

It can be seen from the above problems that "automatic" is not completely out of the control of human beings, it is just to simplify the operation steps of human beings.

Accordingly, to foreign automatic softener, must understand completely and use correctly, ability obtains good result.