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Performance analysis of reverse osmosis equipment

Jan 09, 2020

1. The low-pressure switch protects the high-pressure pump from damage due to the stop of water supply

2. High-efficiency, low-noise high-pressure pump reduces operating noise and energy consumption.

3. The rolled composite membrane with high desalination rate and low operating pressure improves the quality of produced water, reduces operating costs and has a long service life.

4. The produced water and concentrated water are equipped with flow meters to monitor and adjust the running water output and system recovery rate. 5. The produced water conductivity meter continuously monitors the produced water quality

6. Inlet and drainage pressure gauges, continuously monitor the pressure difference of the reverse osmosis membrane, indicating when cleaning is required

7. Automatic water shut-off valve to prevent water from flowing in during shutdown

8. The rapid flush valve periodically flushes the membrane surface to reduce the speed of pollution