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Oral, health product purification water system solution?

Nov 23, 2018

Health food is a medium for promoting the growth of bacteria. Therefore, health management is the key point of implementing the good production standard of health food. Health management involves raw material control, production and processing, storage and transportation of products, etc.Good hygiene management means that we should start with clean materials, people, environment and process, and extend the concept of hygiene to the whole process of product life cycle.In order to ensure the safe use of the product, health food enterprise shall set up a variety of health Standard Operating specifications (Sanitaion Standard Operating Procedure, SSOP), the hygiene of raw materials, process with purified water, personnel clean conditions, production environment, equipment cleaning/disinfection, sterilization and storage products, the implementation of effective supervision, make it always in good state controlled.Have an in-depth understanding of customer requirements and product categories, and present the most suitable equipment configuration. Refer to pharmaceutical GMP requirements.

reverse osmosis equipment

Purified water system has no vulnerable parts and requires no large amount of maintenance.The pretreatment protection system protects the high-pressure pump and RO membrane from damage by particles or other hard objects.At the same time, the low-voltage switch protects the high-pressure pump from damage due to too low pressure.If the water supply is interrupted or under pressure, the system will stop automatically.Advanced membrane protection system: when the equipment is started up, the device automatically sends out the action of physical flushing the film. With the high water pressure generated by the high-pressure pump, the film surface contaminants are washed clean, reducing the pollution speed and extending the life of the film.High desalination rate of polyamide composite (TFC) film ensures high efficiency of system operation.The water of the product and the concentrated water are provided with flow meters to monitor and adjust the water output and water utilization rate of the system online. The water utilization rate is high through reasonable process design.Raw water, RO water and water conductivity meter continuously monitor water quality online.Water and drainage pressure gauges continuously monitor RO membrane pressure difference, indicating the cleaning time, and design a membrane chemical cleaning device.The whole purified water system is controlled by PLC, touch screen, and equipped with audible and visual alarm system.※ quartz sand, activated carbon, level 2 reverse osmosis, with more than 80 ℃ hot water disinfection on a regular basis.Primary reverse osmosis RO membrane is cleaned and sterilized by chemical agents.The whole set of pure water equipment adopts PLC and touch screen automatic intelligent control. Water quality is monitored online throughout the whole process.The equipment operation design is based on the principle of easy control. It only needs to be operated on the operating cabinet face plate. The operator can operate safely, easily and simply.