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Methods to reduce the operating cost of automatic filter press

Mar 30, 2021

For most customers who use automatic filter presses, in addition to paying attention to the efficiency of the equipment, most customers are concerned about the cost of its use. If the equipment is used or maintained properly, from a long-term perspective, the cost savings are considerable and the accumulation is much less. So today I will introduce how to reduce the cost of using a fully automatic filter press.

The first is to save hydraulic oil. There are two main aspects to hydraulic oil savings. 1. Leak-proof 2. Anti-pollution. First of all, we need to close the hydraulic system's filling valve and the hydraulic oil direct contact channel to minimize the contamination of the hydraulic oil by foreign matter, so that the hydraulic oil can be replaced to save a part of the cost as much as possible. . Compared with the hydraulic system, when the hydraulic system circulates in the hydraulic system, the hydraulic system is affected by environmental factors, and time will affect the hydraulic system and gradually leak and leak. Therefore, we must regularly check the position of the seal ring, etc. Once a leak occurs, we must stop work and repair it in time, and minimize the leak.

The second is the filter plate of the automatic filter press. At present, most automatic filter press filter plates are made of polypropylene material, which is caused by the work of the environment. If the filter plate of the automatic filter press is not well maintained, the cost of replacing the filter plate will be very small. And how to properly use the maintenance filter press plate we have mentioned before, I will not explain everyone in detail here. What needs to be reminded is that we do not need to blindly pursue the pressure of the automatic filter press, as long as we can ensure that the equipment can work normally. This can greatly reduce the possibility of damage to the filter plate. At the same time, it is necessary to remind again that when the automatic filter press is working, if there are suspicious solids on the edge of the filter plate, it should be cleaned up in time.

Then filter cloth, filter cloth is one of the easily damaged materials on the automatic filter press, and it is also part of the equipment cost.

Therefore, when using the automatic filter press, we should try not to easily move or change the filter cloth. If the job opportunities of the filter cloth increase, it means that the chance of the filter cloth rupture increases, which also increases the cost of the equipment. At the same time, try to reduce some sharp objects into the automatic filter press, which can greatly reduce the probability of damage to the filter cloth. It saves part of the cost.