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Method of using oil filter repair agent of filter press

Feb 28, 2021

The hydraulic system of the filter press is very important to the entire system. Choosing a good hydraulic oil has a great influence on the plate and frame filter press. Hydraulic oil can provide strong pressure for the filter press. If you want the filter press to function properly, you need strong pressure. When choosing hydraulic oil, consider various factors and choose a neutral hydraulic oil with anti-wear and pressure resistance.

The hydraulic system of the filter press has a hydraulic station dedicated to pumping and storing oil. The storage space of the hydraulic station is also very limited, so it is necessary to add suitable hydraulic oil to the hydraulic station regularly. Under normal circumstances, the amount can be about 85%, because as the oil temperature rises, the volume becomes larger, and the excessive amount of oil will directly affect the normal operation of the hydraulic station. and also. The amount of oil in the hydraulic station must not be less than 40%, because too little oil will affect the twitching of the internal pump. Therefore, in daily life, it is necessary to regularly inspect and maintain the hydraulic station.

The method of using the oil filter repair agent of the filter press filter: First, we need to clean the groove and leak the surface of the new filter plate. Secondly, the black and white repair agent of the oil surface repair agent is prepared at a ratio of 1:1. OK; then, apply it to the groove, fill the groove and slightly higher than the surface of the filter plate; spread the groove, quickly cover the filter cloth, squeeze the filter plate together to make the repair agent and the filter cloth sticky . While squeezing the grooves together, the glue forms naturally and does not change, and can be used normally. The filter plate and filter cloth are in direct and direct contact with the filtrate in the filter production, so their loss is much greater than other components! Relatively speaking, the price of filter cloth is relatively low, and it is relatively easy to repair, but the filter plate is different. For every manufacturer, the repair of the filter plate is a troublesome problem. However, the successful development of oil surface repair agent has solved the problem that the filter plate is difficult to repair, saving us a lot of money and materials.