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Method of dosing on sewage treatment equipment?

Sep 14, 2018

Because of the serious water pollution problem in China, the use of domestic sewage treatment equipment is more and more extensive.

As all users of sewage treatment equipment know, it is an important part of sewage treatment process to put agents into sewage treatment equipment. Whether the dosage is reasonable determines the treatment effect of sewage.

The dosage required by different water quality is also different. The dosage of various drugs should be determined according to the composition and concentration of the water.

So, how do you put it right?

Here's how to add some medicine.

Intermediate control fiber ultrafiltration membrane .jpg

The amount of stabilizer is about 5-15% of the treated amount, the amount of pro-coagulant is about 0.5-1% of the treated amount, the amount of oxidizer is about 0.5-2% of the treated amount, and the amount of pro-quick precipitation is about 1-2% of the treated amount.

2, various products are made of the fluorine plastic pump, dosing quantity they are after their respective glass rotor flowmeter to measure, with import and export valves 3, all kinds of water treatment agents serving orientation, the orientation of the pump, and put into place, so that to provide a convenient use and sewage treatment facilities of the lift pump and dosing pump is installed in the pump room.

The above contents are the correct method of putting chemicals into sewage treatment equipment. Have you learned it?