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Material of the main body of wastewater treatment equipment

Jan 29, 2021

The most common materials on the market for the main body of wastewater treatment equipment are carbon steel, stainless steel and PP.

Carbon steel is better in terms of cost performance and hardness. However, equipment made of carbon steel is generally not resistant to corrosion and requires anti-corrosion treatment. In the process of anti-corrosion treatment, coatings are used, which will cause certain effects on air. Pollution, if you do this, the environmental protection industry will no longer be "environmental protection".

Stainless steel materials are better in terms of performance, but the price is relatively expensive, and it is not economical and applicable in many occasions.

In recent years, some equipment manufacturers will use engineering plastic PP as the main material of the equipment. The advantage of this is that PP is acid and alkali resistant and has a longer service life. The disadvantage is that the cost is slightly higher. For larger equipment, the internal structure needs to be handled by mechanical or structural professionals to ensure that the equipment's strength and durability can withstand the test.

Therefore, the main body of many wastewater treatment equipment will use PP as the main material.