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Maintenance of Belt Filter Press for Sludge Dewatering System

Feb 15, 2020

(1) The operation record of the belt filter press equipment should be kept, and the mount of lubricating oil to ensure its lubricating performance.

(3) For the electrical control system of the belt filter press equipment, the insulation test and the operation reliability test should be suspended. Once the inflexible or poorly accurate components are found, the repair or replacement should be suspended in time.

(4) Always check the sealing surface of the filter plate of the belt filter press equipment to ensure that it is bright and clean, check whether the filter cloth is folded, and ensure that it is flat and intact.

(5) The maintenance of the hydraulic system is mainly to check and maintain the tightness of the fluid level of the oil tank and each interface of the hydraulic components, and to ensure the cleanliness of the hydraulic oil.

(6) If the belt filter press equipment is not used for a long time, the filter plate should be cleaned, and the filter cloth should be cleaned and dried.