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Maintenance and precautions of winter softening equipment (2)

Sep 28, 2020

1. If the equipment is out of service for more than half a month, the nylon pipe for draining waste water is raised to the exchange column to prevent it from draining, and the salt tank and the remaining salt in the valve body should be cleaned when it is not used for a long time. Add lubricating oil to the rotary valve and various transmission parts. It is strictly forbidden to induce the equipment. If the machine is shut down for more than half a month in summer and mildew season, the machine should be started for 60-120 minutes to prevent microbial mold in the resin tank. When restarting, first pull the pulley by hand to make the rotary valve rotate several times, and put the water pipe to its original position after power on. To

2. The switchboard and the equipment body are assembled. If the user has the conditions, the switchboard and the body can be separated. The switchboard is separately hung in a fixed place, but YD must ensure that the wiring is correct. To

3. The softened water equipment should be overhauled every other year. The upper and lower bottom plates of the salt tank should be protected with paint. The upper flange of the exchange column should be opened to check the height of the resin layer. The resin filling rate of this equipment is 85%- 90% has the best effect, it should be added when it is not enough, and others should be overhauled according to the situation. It is best to communicate with the pure water equipment manufacturer how to operate