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Maintenance and precautions of winter softening equipment (1)

Sep 25, 2020

1. After the equipment is in place, fix the bolts that fix the motor, the bolts of the limit switch, and the wiring bolts inside and outside the switchboard again to avoid accidents during the operation of the equipment. The upper and lower bolts of the upper and lower lever fixing block of the rotary valve should be fixed well to avoid the collision of the exchange column. To

2. The water softening equipment should be installed in a room with relatively high temperature and humidity, so as to avoid deterioration of resin due to low temperature, corrosion of parts due to humidity in the air, and failure of electrical appliances due to short circuits. To

3. Do not adjust the time of the relay when the equipment is working. The scrubbing equipment can only be repaired after the power supply is cut off, and the occurrence of faults such as the motor, the switchboard, and the limit switch, etc., must be fundamentally avoided. During operation, water and electricity are supplied at the same time, and all water sources and power sources are turned off when the operation is stopped. When the user shuts down each time, he cannot shut down in a short period of time, and shall shut down and stop water at the same time. To

4. The raw water quality conditions should meet the requirements of general sodium ion exchange water treatment equipment. For water with a large amount of sediment, sedimentation is carried out before entering the machine. It is indispensable to maintain the daily cleanliness of the equipment. The refueling part maintains sufficient oil supply, and be careful not to touch the pulley during operation, so as to avoid accidents.