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Knowledge of EDI equipment?

Sep 16, 2018

Electricity to ion Electrodeionization, hereinafter referred to as EDI, also known as the continuous electricity remove salt technology, it will scientifically electrodialysis and ion exchange technology, through the choice of anion and cation through the role and the function of the ion exchange resin exchange of ions in water, under the action of electric field, realize the directional migration of ions in water, so as to achieve the depth of the water purification in addition to salt, and by water electrolysis hydrogen ions and hydroxyl ions for continuous regeneration of loading resin, therefore EDI water making process does not need to acid, alkali chemical regeneration can be continuous for making high quality ultrapure water,

It has the advantages of advanced technology, compact structure and simple operation. It can be widely used in the fields of electricity, electronics, medicine, chemical industry, food and laboratory. It is the green revolution of water treatment technology.

Its features are: the electrodialysis technology and ion exchange technology are skillfully integrated, without the acid base and continuous production of high quality pure water.

EDI is a revolutionary development of water treatment technology, marking the final entry of water treatment industry into the green industry.

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The characteristics of the EDI

1. Sustainable production of qualified ultra-pure water that meets the requirements of users, with stable water outlet

2. No chemicals need to be regenerated, no chemical emissions

3. Compact structure, small floor space, low water production cost and simple field installation and debugging

4. Simple operation, low labor intensity and easy training