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Is there any pollution to water quality by PP spray filter?

Oct 26, 2018

PP fusion jet filter core takes food grade polypropylene as the raw material, adopts the international general gradual path process production, after heating melt, **, traction, receive to shape but make, the fiber forms the three-dimensional microhole structure in the hot bonding process, the microhole aperture presents gradient distribution inwards and outwards, collects the surface, the deep layer coarse fine filter as a whole.

The outer fiber is coarse, the inner fiber is fine, the outer layer is loose, and the inner layer is compact with gradual diameter.


The unique gradient deep filtration has formed the three-dimensional filter dregs effect, has the high porosity, the high retention rate, the large pollution quantity, the large flow rate, the low pressure drop characteristic.

PP fusible spray filter element has high purity and no pollution to water quality.

Acid, alkali and other chemical reagents and organic solvent corrosion resistance.

PP spray filter core is strong. When the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet of the filter is 0.4mpa, the filter core is not deformed.

Filtering precision is divided into 1 micron and 5 micron.

The raw water is initially filtered to remove suspended material, sediment, rust, colloid and other materials in the water, forming RO film water requirement.

PP melt-blown filter core whose yarn materials are polypropylene fiber, acrylic fiber, cotton fiber, and so on.

PP fusion jet filter core is made by precisely winding the textile fiber yarn on the porous skeleton with good filtration performance.

By controlling the winding tightness and density of yarn, the filter core with different precision can be made.

It can remove suspended matter and particle impurities in water.