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Is mineral water more nutritious than pure water?

Nov 05, 2018

Want to know the mineral water and pure water that higher nutritional value, is to understand the two have the composition of water, mineral water is primarily a first underground mineral water, the composition of water contains many mineral elements, the human body needs often drinking mineral water is beneficial to human body, at home there are a lot of longevity, the life expectancy is very high, and there is a common feature that is has a good water source.

Also is not polluted with natural mineral water, but now good mineral water was hard to find, and most are man-made pollution, the first mineral water must be taken from nature reserve, and the national nature reserve has strict rules about how many miles you can't have any pollution sources within exist, this is mineral water water quality safety guarantee.

reverse osmosis equipment

Purified water refers to the complete removal of pollutants after the deep treatment of tap water. There are no other trace elements in the water, and at the same time, essential trace elements and minerals in the human body are basically eliminated. Drinking purified water can only help people improve sensory indicators, replenish water, and directly drink water.

Mineral water does not belong to the category of drinking pure water, the country has different national standards for drinking pure water and mineral water.

The other with the increasing of filtering technology, through the water boiler filtering and household water purifiers, water quality of water output and can reach the standard category, general drinking pure water gradually in many developed countries of Europe different from its national conditions, water quality of tap water purification can be reached the standard of general drinking water purification, and even can be directly drinkable.