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Ion exchange mixed bed equipment

Dec 29, 2017

Ion exchange pure water equipment is through the anion and action exchange resin on the all kinds of anion and action in the water displacement of a kind of traditional water treatment skills, according to the different proportion of anion and action exchange resin) to make bed ion exchange Yang system, system and ion exchange mixed bed ion exchange Yin bed (double bed) system, and the mixed bed (double bed) system and is usually used in the water treatment skills such as saturated oozy portion of ultrapure water, high pure water terminal skills, he is now used for the preparation of means of ultrapure water, high pure water can't replace.

Mixed bed.jpg

The water conductivity can be lower than 1 us/cm below, the water resistivity to reach 1 m Ω. Cm or more, according to the different water quality and using request, water resistivity can be control in 1 ~ 18 m Ω. Cm between.

It is widely used in the preparation of electronic, electric power ultra pure water, chemical industry, electroplating ultra-pure water, boiler resupply and water and medical use of ultra-pure water, such as ultra-pure water.

In the raw water is rich in salts such as CA (HCO3) 2, MgSO4, such as sodium calcium and magnesium salts, in through the exchange resin layer, action Ca2 and magnesium 2 reactive replacement by Yang resin, anion HCO3 - and SO42 - were active group of Yin resin replacement, and then you get super purified water.

If the heavy carbonate content in the original water is higher, it should set up the degassing tower at the base of the negative and cationic ac column, remove the CO2 gas and reduce the load of the negative bed.